In recent years we have arranged our own teams to work on the maintenance of the villas and apartments originally built by ourselves. We also work for other villa owners who have come to us via personal recommendation from our customers. 

We prefer to do this as a complete package to include car hire, airport transfers etc for guests and villa owners. They then only have to deal with one company. We also like to welcome guests at the very beginning of their stay so that they know who to contact should any problems arise thus enabling them to have a wonderful holiday.


Here are some of the major services we do for our villa owners:


* Weekly cleaning for the whole property and changing linens etc.

* Leaving a humper bag which has tea, coffee, bread, water, milk, biscuits etc before the arrival.

* Visiting the guests during their stay to find out if all okay.

* Daily pool cleaning

* Daily gardening

* To dial with all the repairing works like plumming and electric etc.

* Furnishing properties and helping the owners about buying furniture.

* Property checking regularly during the winter.

* Baby sitting if required

* Catering service if required