The city of Xanthos, the capital of ancient Lycia , is situated on a rocky outcrop beside the Xanthos River (Eşen Çayı). It has produced evidence of occupation from at least the mid-1st millennium BC and flourished into the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The Lycian Acropolis is beside the river at the south west of the site, while the larger Roman Acropolis lies to the north, with the city spread out below it. The site was investigated by Charles Fellows in 1838 and since 1950 has been excavated by a French expedition, currently led by Jacques des Courtils. He is focusing on the central city area. Xanthos is the only Classical site in Turkey declared a World Heritage site.

   Then we stop for lunch in Saklikent Canyon, and afterwards you can explore the Canyon itself, which is great fun. After the canyon we stop west side of Patara beach for swimming which is the longest beach of Turkey before heading back to Kalkan.